Sell A House Arizona increases efforts to make wholesale real estate properties more mainstream.


(Phoenix) When people look for a house to buy, the first thing they typically do is hire a real estate agent. But an Arizona wholesale real estate investment company is taking great strides to provide a different option in the hopes of changing the industry.

Phoenix-based, Sell A House Arizona, believes residential real estate buyers should more seriously consider wholesale discounted properties. “There is no reason not to make money going into a real estate deal,” said John Luyster.

The principal at Sell A House Arizona and his business partner, Paul Romero, aren’t critical of buyers who still prefer using traditional methods for home purchases. “There is nothing wrong with using real estate agents for acquisitions,” said Romero. “We just think there is another way to get deals done without having to pay retail.”

Competition in wholesale residential real estate is extremely fierce. Wholesalers are constantly scouring websites for deals, sending mailers to homeowners, hitting foreclosure auctions, and calling their contacts — including real estate agents. “You never know when there is a pocket listing that the seller is looking to unload before it hits the Multiple Listing Service,” said Luyster.

Wholesale residential real estate deals on average can see discounts ranging anywhere 20%-to- 40% below retail value. “Often times these wholesale properties need improvements and repairs to bring them up to the standards of the neighborhood,” said Romero. “These buyers may have to wait a bit longer to move into their new properties due to these rehabs. But a lot of times the built-in equity is in the tens of thousands or sometimes hundreds of thousands of dollars, so it’s well worth the wait.”

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