Renatus is a real estate investment company specializing in teaching and educating new and more experienced investors about this high stakes industry. People looking to get into this line of work are typically enamored with television fix-and-flip shows and are eager to start real estate investing with little-to-no education.

Renatus Founder and CEO Bob Snyder, who attended the Arizona Regional Conference for organization members, that hour-long shows are “Reality TV Fallacy.” He emphasizes that knowledge through proper teaching and course work is critical for success, as well as coming together in communities consisting of like-minded individuals focused on entrepreneurship.

The Arizona Regionals Conference held on October 21 and October 22nd of 2016 featured some of the premier real estate investors in the country — including Synder, Scott Rowe, Michael Huggins, John Oneal, Woody Woodward, and Christion Sadler. About 200 Renatus members attended this event — which focused on real estate investing and marketing strategies. Members increased their knowledge and education on topics such as analyzing deals, creative acquisitions, tax strategies, and improving mindset. They are just a small sample of the tools provided for Renatus members to increase their level of success.

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