There are nearly $25 Trillion in retirement accounts  such as 401K’s, Mutual Funds, and IRA’s.  Very little of these funds are being leveraged for real estate investing.

Questions for anyone who has a 401K:

Do  you know that funds in your 401K are being invested in the stock market?

Do you know that someone from a firm is overseeing and managing your account?

Do you know or have you ever met this person?

Do you know whether they truly have the knowledge and experience to invest your money?

Do you truly know whether that person has your best interests at heart or are they just churning your money?

Do you know the person overseeing your account is helping you to earn only an average of 4%-5% annually on your money?

Do you know what specific stocks and/ or bonds are in your portfolio?

The answers to these questions for most people are, “No.”  So that begs another question.  Why would you allow someone else to control your money?

Real Estate Attorney, Mat Sorensen with KKOS Lawyers, provides ample reasons for investing your retirement accounts into Real Estate.  He is the best-selling author of “The Self-Directed IRA Handbook” and a Practitioner for Renatus, a real estate investment education company.

Check out what he has to say and learn how you can legally leverage your retirement accounts so they’re earning double-digit returns!

This example is reflective of what Renatus education provides.  The education modules not only teach us how to earn money in real estate, it provides legal strategies to help real estate investors keep their money by paying 2/3rds less in taxes.  If you are ready to learn, CLICK HERE.

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