(Seattle, WA) Fix-and- flips, buy-and- holds, lease options, creating quick cash and cash flow, as well as other types of real estate investments all have one thing in common for real estate investors to make money — they all require the application of basic math skills.

This may seem obvious to most, especially to veteran real estate investors who flip properties as easily and quickly as restaurant cooks flip pancakes. “But it’s a simple skill that frequently is underestimated,” said John McCants.

The Phoenix real estate investor, who was raised in Seattle’s Ballard neighborhood, is the guest speaker at a foreclosure workshop at North Seattle College, 9600 College Way North in Seattle on July 9th, 2016 from 9AM-4PM. The event is sponsored by RISE (Real Estate Investing Success thru Education), a local investing community that promotes education and mentoring to its members.

McCants has been involved in several hundred real estate foreclosure transactions for himself and other real estate investors. He also serves as an auctions and foreclosure specialist for Renatus — a national real estate investment company based in Centerville, UT.

McCants, who graduated high school with a 2.9 GPA, recalls that failing algebra tests were as common as rain falling in the Emerald City. “Fortunately, I was smart enough to learn simple math skills, which have played a significant role in my success at Renatus.”

The Renatus real estate instructor points out that real estate investing is a simple numbers game. “Basic math allows real estate investors to use those numbers and apply them to an instructional formula in order to assess risk. Either they work for the deal or they don’t. The numbers are designed to take emotion completely out of the evaluation. Simple math skills with hard-nosed discipline can make ordinary people into successful real estate investors.”

Although there are many successful real estate investors across the country, there are just as many who are no longer involved in this high stakes industry. “I’ve met quite a few people who’ve been beaten up by real estate investing because they ignored what the numbers were telling them. They also didn’t follow the rules, discipline, or the process required to be successful. Successful real estate investors over time and with experience are eventually turned into transactional engineers.”

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ABOUT RENATUS: Renatus has been established out of a desire for creating financial freedom through service to others, especially to people who have a motivation and passion for learning. Renatus CEO and Founder Bob Snyder knows that real estate and business ownership are a powerful combination to allow immediate income while building secure wealth for the long-term. Renatus takes great pride in the quality of its real estate education, from the Instructional Systems Design learning practices to the exceptional qualifications of the practitioner instructors and the convenient, effective delivery system. Renatus' mission is set to change the landscape of America by touching one million entrepreneurs with this great wealth creation system. More importantly, when those entrepreneurs use their wealth and knowledge to help others, the true vision of Renatus is realized.

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